Peluchin Entertainment: Animal Abuse Controversy

Peluchin Entertainment Overview

The Peluchin Entertainment Animal Abuse Controversy is a controversy surrounding allegations that Peluchin Entertainment, a Chilean YouTuber, uploaded videos showing the cruelty to kittens and cats.


Peluchin Entertainment posted videos that show him torturing, beating, and even killing a cat in December 2018. YouTuber TheQuartering posted a video entitled “Ban This Channel and Call Police @YeamYouTube” on December 20th. This video denounced Peluchin for posting videos that showed what appeared to be kitten abuse. The video received over 417,000 views and 13500 comments within three weeks.


TheQuartering uploaded a second video, titled “Cat Maniac Update.” It began with a Crab Rave video in which “the kittens were safe” and stated that Oyarzo was being investigated by Chilean officials.

YouTuber Cecil Mcfly uploaded a video entitled “The Horrific career of Peluchin Entertainment” on December 31st. This video documented the history and growth of Peluchin Entertainment via the video sharing platform (shown below). Amanda the Jedi uploaded a video entitled “Ban this Monster!” on January 3, 2019. Cat Killer STILL on YouTube

Peluchin Entertainment features a Chilean 15-year-old kid torturing and murdering cats. The channel’s main focus seems to be his gaming content. His gaming is not what has him in the limelight. YouTube did not comment on the videos he made about animal abuse. However, his channel was still available.

Peluchin Entertainment is hosted in Chile by a 15 year-old boy. Instead of using his name, I will use Peluchin. Peluchin joined YouTube at the age of 11 in 2014. Peluchin started by uploading videos that showed him with toys and using strange voices. He decided to become a let’s participant. He played Five Nights at Freddy’s, a horror game that was popular among his peers. Flappy Bird was also a mobile game that he played. Later, he started several other games. He would upload videos and comics to his site on occasion. He created his mascot at that point. Peluchin stated in a Q&A that he is a psychopath with Assbergers. This cannot be confirmed or denied, as he is still a child.


Peluchin uploaded a video in which he beat and killed his cat. You can see Peluchin repeatedly kick and stomp on a cat in the video. When the spine is snapped, the cat screams and attempts to escape. This is a horrifying video. He has since removed all videos that featured abuse. I was unable to watch the censored online version. I have a tendency to be tolerant of gore and violent videos. They don’t seem to bother me. Even this censored clip, I couldn’t stomach to stop watching. It would be a shame to show it to anyone, and I highly recommend that you don’t look for it. Later, he uploaded a video showing two kittens that he claimed he wanted to adopt. Recent reports have shown that this was not his first act of cat abuse. Peluchin reportedly recorded a video in which he laughed and shoved a cat into an excrement-filled toilet.

What Followed?

Outrage erupted following the video. People on the internet quickly doxed him. Doxing refers to the act of making every person’s information available. The public was given his phone number, address, social media accounts, full name and all other information. After the information was released, his house was vandalized. Although he was wrong for his actions, it could have serious consequences. It is scary because he has death threats and his exact location.

Local authorities in Chili are currently conducting an investigation into animal abuse. Animal abuse is a misdemeanor that can lead to a prison sentence of up to three years according the Chilian Criminal Code. The definition of animal abuse is unclear and the judge will decide. Animal neglect is not covered by animal abuse laws. Many animal abusers have been caught in the crossfire. It would be difficult to say that the video does not show severe animal abuse.

YouTube Washed Hands Peluchin Entertainment

Peluchin Entertainment remains on YouTube. The channel is still available, even though the channel’s creator removed the abusive video from his channel. YouTube has been removing inappropriate channels on a regular basis in recent months. Why is it that YouTube has removed channels such as Mumkey Jones which uploaded videos mocking a school shooting victim, while channels like Peluchin Entertainment remain live? YouTube has not yet commented on the channel. YouTube should remove the channel for safety and image reasons.

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