Asda Entertainment: Teams Up

Asda entertainment is expanding its “test and learn” partnerships strategy by joining forces to The Entertainer (the UK’s largest independent toys retailer). The Entertainer will transform the five Asda toy categories into branded concessions, offering customers a wider range of products from top brands like Lego, Paw Patrol, and Disney as well as an exclusive range of Addo toys.

The Entertainer was founded in 1981 and has over 170 stores in the UK. There are also 300 international locations. The partnership with Asda entertainment will be launched in five stores starting next year. The Entertainer will take full responsibility for pricing, product selection, and merchandising within these stores.

Ssupermarket, has launched an online

Asda also announced an expansion of its partnership with musicMagpie, and a new partnership to Per-Scent. Per-Scent is a branded fragrance distributor. After proving popular, the musicMagpie partnership was launched in five stores last month. Asda entertainment deal includes a selection of used DVDs priced PS1 or PS2. Customers can also purchase used DVDs in-store.

Per-Scent will launch the new partnership at its Stevenage store. Customers can order from more than 300 fragrance lines via a digital pod. The full Fragrance Point range of fragrances will be available for purchase at later this month.

Asda Entertainment teams up with The Entertainer, a toy specialist

Asda’s strategy to bring complementary brands into its stores started last year with Claire’s jewellery and accessories retailer. It has since expanded to include Greggs, B&Q and musicMagpie partnerships, and now, the Entertainer, and Fragrance Point.

This move was made to speed up the in-store partnership strategy after a shift in customer behavior caused by the pandemic. With increasing numbers of shoppers wanting to do multiple shopping’missions in one trip, it was necessary to accelerate this strategy.

Matt Harrison, Asda’s Senior Director of Corporate Strategy and Partnerships said that “The Entertainer are experts on toy sourcing and retailing so they are really excited about working with them and are sure their offer will prove to be very popular among customers. As we strive to make our stores more enjoyable places to shop, we anticipate working with even more amazing brands such as Fragrance Point and Entertainer in the months ahead.

Gary Grant, founder and executive chairman of The Entertainer, stated that “We are thrilled to partner with Asda in bringing the wonder of The Entertainer’s to their customers.” Customers will be able to shop our latest toys and games in five stores starting February 2021.

Launches online Sales

Asda, Britain’s second-largest supermarket, has launched an online entertainment platform that sells CDs, DVDs, and games.

Wal-Mart owns the supermarket chain. It said that it will offer 120,000 CDs, 22,000 DVDs and 1,700 video games. It will be directly competing with Amazon and Tesco, the market leader.

Online orders of chart albums will cost less than in-store purchases at PS8.97. Customers will also be able pre-order items before they are released.

Currently, DVDs that cost about PS30 used to be available for less than PS15 online. They can also be found in specialty stores and supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, and J Sainsbury.

Asda’s new online venture, like Tesco’s, is based in Jersey. Items less than PS18 won’t be subject to the 17.5% value-added tax that applies to mainland sales.

Because they have higher profit margins than food, supermarkets are increasingly turning to non-food items like music, drugs and stationery. Supermarkets are threatening high-street retailers like WH Smith or Boots.

Tesco reported in its April full-year report that home entertainment sales had increased by 20% last year, which is twice the group’s impressive overall growth rate.




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