The “Nest Entertainment“ an Italian horror film

Parkland nest entertainment acquired UK-Ireland distribution rights for The Nest, an Italian horror title, from Roberto De Feo of True Colours. The film was produced in Milan by Colorado Film Production and Vision Distribution. Vision handles the Italian rights, while Alfa Pictures distributes in Spain.

Parkland nest entertainment plans to release an autumn album, but the format is still unknown. Parkland acquires The Nest Entertainment an Italian horror film for the UK-Ireland.

The debut of The Nest was at the Locarno Film Festival 2019, and it went on to play Sitges, Thessaloniki, and other roles later in that year. It depicts a rural home ruled by a cruel matriarch who will go to great lengths to shield her son from the world. He is pushed beyond his mother’s limits by the arrival of a young girl. Francesca Cavallin and Justin Alexander Korovkin star alongside Ginevra Francesconi.

Parkland Pictures, which is the UK distributor arm of Parkland nest entertainment, has also signed a deal with Vertical Entertainment to sell North America’s 23 Walks by Paul Morrison.The comedy drama stars Alison Steadman and Dave Johns. It is about two elderly strangers who discover love through a series perambulations with their dogs at a North London park.

Parkland nest entertainment released the film theatrically in the UK and Ireland on September 2020. The film grossed PS148,940, despite being disrupted by multiple lockdowns.

Film Nation Nest Entertainment

Parkland Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Films signed a double agreement last week for North American distribution on Will Thorne’s Silent Night, and James Crown’s Nemesis. Picturehouse Entertainment takes on “The Nest”, bolsters the 2021 UK slate (exclusive).

Picturehouse Entertainment has acquired UK distribution rights for Sean Durkin’s The Nest, a US-based company Film Nation nest entertainment. This will allow it to expand its portfolio of award buzz titles.

Starring Carrie Coon and Jude Law, the romantic drama debuted at Sundance. It went on to win a hat-trick at Deauville Film Festival. Picturehouse intends to release the film in 2021, but has not yet set a date.

Durkin’s second feature after Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) explores the way that life changes for an American entrepreneur and his family after he moves into an English country home.

FilmNation, Element Pictures, and BBC Films co-produced the drama. Recently, there was a lot of buzz about the drama after Law and Coon were nominated for the IFP Gotham Awards.

Picturehouse Entertainment has acquired the acquisition to indicate its intention to re-enter UK distribution. The sister company Cineworld-owned Picturehouse Cinemas exhibition chains will reopen no later than May 2021.

Clare Binns is the joint managing director of Picturehouse and heads up the distribution department. She stated that “we are fully committed to releasing cinema from around the globe” and she was also resolute in her dedication to getting director’s work onto the big screen. “If we have learned anything this year it is that film matters, and we will continue to celebrate the art of cinema in the years ahead.”

Picturehouse has two other awards season hopefuls: Phyllida’s Irish drama Herself and Jerry Rothwell’s documentary The Reason Why I Jump. They were both nominated for the Sundance audience award.

Malgorzata and Michal Szumowska’s Never Gonna Snow Again are also in the 2021 lineup. This film debuted at Competition at Venice and was Poland’s submission to the Oscars for best international feature. Quentin Dupieux’s Deerskin and Maria Sodahl’s Hope are among the other films. Jeanette Nordahl’s Wildland, Justin Simien’s Bad Hair, Justin Simien’s Wildland, Justin Simien’s Bad Hair, Ira Sach’s Frankie, and Lee Haven Jones’s The Feast are also included.

Picturehouse Cinemas was temporarily closed in March and October. The distributor released Justin Kurzel’s True History of the Kelly Gang (February), Alice Wincour’s Proxima (July) and Shannon Murphy’s Babyteeth (August).

A New Novel by ‘The Nest Author’ is Scheduled for 2022

NEW YORK (AP), The next story from the author of “The Nest”, a novel about family drama, will be published in 2012.

Ecco announced Wednesday that Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney’s book “Good Company” would be published in May. The story is about a happy couple who discover the wedding ring their husband lost years ago.

Sweeney, in a statement released by her publisher, called “Good Company” a story about “enduring love, friendship, the perilous of secrets and the relationships that both heal and wound us.”

Sweeney’s “The Nest,” a story about four feuding sibling families and the money they want to inherit, was published by Random House in 2016. It was highly anticipated. Sweeney was awarded a seven-figure advance, and “The Nest,” became one of the most talked about novels of 2016. Amazon Films bought the movie rights and Emily V. Gordon (who co-wrote “The Big Sick”) is expected to direct.

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