Why Is My Air Conditioner Noisy

Is there a noisy air conditioner? Your air conditioner helps keep your home and office cool. But sometimes, the same cooler will make your avatar as hot as usual. This happens when the air conditioner starts to make noise. The cause of noise in the air has always been a problem?

When buying and installing aircon in Singapore, they can accurately cool the environment. Over time, the nets and moving parts gradually began to collect dirt and dust. Continuous work will produce vibration, and the integrity of air conditioning installation and installation is not the same. Before understanding the cause of the air conditioner’s noise, let’s first understand the structure of the air conditioner. For more information , please visit Cheap Aircon Service Singapore website.

The air conditioner is composed of a fan or a panel and an outdoor unit, and the outdoor unit is composed of a compressor. Compressors and fans composed of moving parts are expected to emit a certain level of noise. Therefore, the air conditioners are equipped with soft soundproof materials.

During installation, the fasteners and fences used are designed to absorb a certain degree of vibration. But over time, these components began to fail. The noisy air conditioner will make a variety of diagnosable noises to provide appropriate medical treatment.

The knocking and rumbling sounds indicate that a moving part of the device is missing. This may include connecting rods between crankshafts or fans. The parts must be worn out due to continuous use, otherwise the fastening bolts travel aesthetic will loosen. If you are lucky, a moderate tightening will succeed, otherwise the last resort is to replace the parts themselves.

Generally, you can hear clicks and shaking. This may be caused by loose bolts, sounding of oil pipes, or broken springs. Tightening components is a good choice. However, if the click persists,

The thermostat is broken, and you may need professional air conditioning repair services. Due to the change in compressor position, roaring and rattling will be heard over time; readjustment and repositioning will be most effective.

Similarly, when both air conditioners have accumulated a lot of dust and are out of alignment, humming and humming sounds can be seen. Proper check-in time and necessary lubrication can save time; otherwise, you must complete the bearing.

Sometimes the humming can cause serious motor problems, and air conditioning maintenance becomes a difficult task to evaluate. The bubbling and sharp hissing sound in the unit indicates that the cooling air duct is leaking and the consequences are serious. You may ask the Singapore aircon specialist to check for you.

At this time, a professional air-conditioning company should be invited to restore the health of the air-conditioner. By enclosing the outdoor unit with wood and using shock-absorbing materials around the unit fasteners, noisy air conditioners can be silenced.

However, follow the instructions in the manual and perform regular air maintenance. Proper regular air conditioning maintenance can not only ensure the best cooling effect, but also extend the service life of the Singapore air conditioner.

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