What Mortgage Attorney can Do for You

Sometimes you can just getting confuse when to receive a foreclosure notification but you feel that you never violate the contract or fall behind the payment. Therefore, as a home owner you feel the need to get things straight, but you just cannot think how. When you are in such condition, here is your chance to ask mortgage attorney to assist you claim back the property.

Speaking of mortgage lawyer, there are plenty of things that you should carefully consider making stop foreclosure. Our mortgage lawyer will help you evaluate the original contracts or the promissory note, the modification process, as well as the lenders’ action in the loan service. In many case, we often find that lenders send foreclosure notifications even when they violate the law through creating unreasonable loan terms.

The mortgage litigation encourages the homeowner to bring the lender to the court. You, as the homeowner, can no longer be omitted and ignored or stand still until your property is facing foreclosure. Our professional lawyer support offers foreclosure litigation for homeowners during their day in the court. We also ready to give solution and negotiate with the lender on the homeowners’ behalf.

What our lawyers can do for you?

When you decide to use our lawyer assistance to sue the lenders, we provide your litigation case according to your condition. Our professional attorney will immediately identify the possible violation and also bad acts done by the lender such as delay the modification process, accounting errors, causing modification disqualification, failure in modification, proceed the foreclosure during the modification process, and many more. Our mortgage foreclosure attorney files lawsuits everyday to help people which also face the foreclosure. Our professional lawyers will sue the lender after preparing the fact summaries from the homeowner story as well as compiling the legal document as a prove that the lender actually violates the law.

Speaking of mortgage fraud; here are the common examples of the illegal practices such as the dual tracking which is when the lender continue the foreclosure process while gradually offer the loan modification. The next is the negligence which is the lender tells you that the modification documents are lost or never get to the lender’s hands. Another mortgage fraud is the estoppel which is the lender tells you that the modification process is denied after you wait for a long time.

Our foreclosure attorney often sees the unreasonable pattern of delay or deny as a part of the lender excuse. If you believe that the lender has committed foreclosure fraud; you should seek our assistance as soon as possible to help you find the best options for the foreclosure process. During the process, our attorney will have to ask you about terms, the irregularities on the loan service, and also evaluate your loan history and payments. After evaluating the following, our lawyer will decide whether the lender has actually committed fraud and also miscalculate the payments. Having the professional assistance will help you get through the process easier and more effective.

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