What is Landlord Insurance?

If you have rented out your property or you want to make sure that in case of emergency and land damage you should be able to cover the financial losses. Landlord insurance is actually a guarantee given to the landlords in case of any property damage, to cover up the financial loss. It provides the protection to the land as renting out land could be stressful. Landlord insurance provides you the warranty in case of non-payment of rent, in case of flood or any other accident. This policy does not let you to bear all the loss alone.

What property types support landlord insurance?

  • Commercial: the land or building that is to be let for business or commercial use.
  • Block of flats: the building that contains many flats and are to be rent out.
  • Multiple properties: buildings that could either use for commercial or residential purpose are to be rented.
  • Non-standard: those properties are rented that are unoccupied
  • Residential: the building that has to be rent out for residential purpose.

On all such properties Landlord Insurance is to be applied. The provide security not only to the landlord but also to the building and helps landlord to relieve some stress.

What is offered in Landlord Insurance?

  • Liability of the owner is covered.
  • Insurance is provided for the building in case of any damage repair or if you have to rebuild the building.
  • When the contract of one tenant ends it helps you to re-rent your building.
  • It entertains 10 property building, in one insurance.
  • It entertains the landlord in case of non-payment of the rent.
  • When property is damaged in case of flood or any other disaster Landlord insurance provides you the opportunity to meet your financial loss.

Landlord insurance helps you to have a secured and stress free property while renting it out.




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