Odie Dog: My Rescue Life with Me

Favorite Things for The Odie dog

Odie Dog won’t be running after a ball at the park, like many border collie. Odie’s favourite toys are empty plastic containers. He will beg for them as soon as you finish drinking the last drop. Although he doesn’t love toys, he will grab them and shake them around to get our attention. He would rather go on a hike than play with toys.

He is a huge foodie. He loves carrots, tomatoes, and steak. He also loves Starbucks puppuccinos. Every time he sees a Starbucks coffee cup, he loses it.

He loves his routine. He adheres to a strict routine. This Dog Tail Cactus routine was not ours. He is the only one responsible.

He snorts in the bedroom at 4:45 am. I get up, let him out, and then we go back to bed. He lifts his head and looks at me when I get up at 6 AM. Then he goes back to sleep. He goes to the kitchen at 6:30 and sets up his food dish. Then, he waits at the dog door until he can go outside to go to sleep.

He loves Dayschool at Dogzies Pet Services and his best friends Cash and Bailey coming over to play in the yard.

Odie dog Dislikes

Odie dog isn’t a fan of many things. Odie can get quite cranky…

He hates the mailman. He’s so frightened of the mailman that he runs straight through my front window every time he comes to my door.

He does not like spinach, blueberries, celery, celery, or broccoli. He will eat blueberries by rolling them around in his mouth and then spitting them out.

Odie doesn’t like being surprised, and I can understand why. This absolutely terrorizes him. He doesn’t like it when someone parks in our driveway, or walks by our house… *insert eyeroll here

What He’s Improved at:

Over the past year, we have seen so much improvement in odie dog. Kirby is the best thing Odie has ever experienced since arriving in Canada. This is according to my family. Kirby has made Odie feel more secure and trusted.

Odie was my first year and half. I tried to protect him from all possible situations. He and I were not completely trusting each other so we avoided many potential problems.

He still needs to work on these things

Odie’s behavior along the fence is still being worked on. He also needs to keep the house safe at all cost. Odie dog doesn’t like when people or dogs pass our house. He barks like a madman. We are working with him to improve his begging skills and have him sit on the mat while we eat.

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