Here are 5 tips to make your outdoor furniture last forever

You can keep your patio furniture looking new for many years by choosing the right covers and materials. Wicker Warehouse proudly presents a full line of Wicker Furniture. It features our exclusive designs, made in partnership factories. We also represent top American brands like Lane Venture, Designer Wicker or South Sea Rattan. Our own furniture design and partnership factories are a big advantage. We have the knowledge and connections to many of the international furniture producers. We are experts in identifying quality products and those that don’t. Many websites sell wicker. Even the biggest names don’t sell wicker furniture. We specialize exclusively in Rattan Dining Chairs. You can count on quality products from our company.

Good outdoor furniture must withstand the elements, from summer rainstorms to scorching heat and scorching sunlight. If you intend to use your outdoor furniture all year, or live in an area that experiences winters, it must be able to withstand temperatures below freezing and ice. You want your outdoor furniture to be able to withstand extreme weather and temperature fluctuations. To protect cushions and pillows, you can also invest in storage and covers.

Choose waterproof materials

It is important to choose materials that can withstand rain and humidity. Hunt explains that these materials include weatherproof galvanized and concrete composite, weather resistant synthetic wicker and teak which are naturally weather-resistant, resistant to fungus and weather-resistant. Teak woods will take on a silvery gray patina when exposed to the elements.

Invest in covers

Hunt says that although our products can be left outside, it is recommended to use a waterproof or water-resistant cover if it rains or you plan on letting them out for a prolonged period. Covers are essential if you want your outdoor furniture last forever.

Keep Temperature Fluctuations in Your Mind

Hunt says that pieces with an aluminum or galvanized steel frame will withstand temperature fluctuations. Another option is synthetic rattan or pieces made from polypropylene. They can be easily integrated into any outdoor space and are designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. These pieces can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, no matter whether you prefer the sleek look of galvanized steel to the bohemian aesthetic of synthetic ratsan.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture Often

It doesn’t matter what outdoor furniture type you choose, regular cleaning is key to keeping it looking great for many years. Hunt recommends that you wipe the furniture frame with a damp cloth in order to remove dirt and debris. You can also periodically clean the cushions using gentle detergent and a soft bristlebrush.

Keep your pillows and cushions pristine

For outdoor pillows, choose durable Sunbrella fabrics. These are made for outdoor use and resist fading. All outdoor cushions should be made of mold- and mildew-resistant fillers.