How to make money online with courses

There are many reasons people go online, including entertainment and socializing. The Internet can also be used to search for information and learn new things. Are you unsure how to use a piece of software? YouTube has a tutorial. You might be interested in what you can do with the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Pinterest has a lot of great recipes.

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You can make a lot of money by sharing your knowledge. You can sell your knowledge online by writing a blog, or creating books. Global Industry Analysts predict that online learning will reach $240 billion by 2021.


  • There are many online courses platforms that make it easy to set up and sell your course. A lot of the tools and equipment required to create a course can be used with ease thanks to constantly improving technology.
  • As an added service to your business, you can offer courses. You could offer a course that focuses on a specific topic in your blog, for example. You can offer an online service by creating and offering an online course that people would prefer to learn and do the work themselves.


  • Online courses that are of high quality offer students the ability to deliver content in a variety formats, including text and video. This can be a time-consuming task. The course should be available in a format that users can access on their smartphone or laptop. It will include audio and video files that they can use to watch or listen to on their commute.

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  • You will need an online service to host your course when you design it. You can have your own website or use a hosted service like Udemy. Remember that Udemy and similar sites don’t own the market or platform. Udemy does.
  • Your success is dependent on your market and the need for your course. To be able to identify what is hot and what people are looking for, it’s worth investing time in keyword research and trend research.

How to create an online course

Follow these steps to learn how you can get started in online teaching.

  • Select a Course Topic

List the things that you are knowledgeable about. Maybe it’s something that your family or friends ask for help with. Perhaps it’s related to your job (e.g., Evernote or being productive at home). Are you able to share your hobby with others, such as how to improve your golf score or watercolor painting for beginners?

  • Do Market Research

It’s not worth spending a lot of money creating a course that nobody will purchase. There might be many people who want to learn about your topic. But the question is: Are they willing to pay for it? Before you spend time on your course, find out who the best buyer would be and whether they are willing, able, and able to purchase it.

  • Plan Your Course

Once you have determined that there is a market for your course, you can now decide what content you will include in it. The nature of a course means that the content should be deep and comprehensive. A course is not like a blog post that only covers the basics.

Choose the best method to deliver your lessons

Online courses are expected to offer many teaching methods such as video, text, worksheets and checklists, audio, infographics, audio and any other information that can be delivered.

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It is important to determine which format is most appropriate for the lesson you are trying to teach. Sometimes you may offer two different methods for the same lesson. If you teach a course about Quickbooks, for example, you could have both a text instruction and a tutorial video on how to set it up.

  • Create Your Lessons

This is the most difficult aspect of creating an online class. You might consider creating a logo, or a color theme for all lessons. To ensure that your video lessons are clear and error-free, proofread them.