How to Go Location Independent Business

It’s possible that you already know pursue a place way of life and you need to be a nomad if you have got that travel bug.

But if you’ve never done it before, it is tough to know where to begin and what pitfalls to look out for.

What sort of business can you build? What are the costs that are overhead? How do you send a statement? What about internet speed?

In this guide, I will walk you through all the fundamentals of constructing a location independent livelihood and how to take it on the street with you so you could shorten the learning curve and live your trip dream.

How to Choose a Location Independent Career

If you are still not 100% clear on what is place independent means and how to create a career from it, this chapter covers all of the fundamentals, in addition to the three unique varieties of location independent professions you could pursue.

What Does “Location Independent” Mean?

“Location Independent” simply refers to a profession or job that’s independent of any necessity to maintain a particular physical location. My writing career is a perfect example of location independent living; I will earn a living anywhere in the world with more than my laptop and an internet connection.

As you can imagine, it’s an incredibly freeing lifestyle!

Three Types of Location Independent Careers

While there are countless different jobs or ways that a person can be location independent, they usually fall within one of three classes:


A freelancer plays service-based work for a variety of clients, as opposed to working for a company. They’re self-employed and are trading dollars for hours or deliverables.

While I do run this website as its own company (making me an entrepreneur), I also write for other publications about travel and finance, which parks me at the freelancer class.

Most freelancers are considered entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs are freelancers. See below.


An entrepreneur starts a company or produces a product to fill a need or gap in a particular sector. You have freedom to call of the shots and you are your own boss.

To be location independent, entrepreneurs tend to be inventors of technology or items, import/exporters, or leaders of business ideas which can be promoted virtually.


Telecommuters are individuals working for a boss, but do it out of their computers with the flexibility to work from home (or the street).

One common thing that sets telecommuting apart from the other types is the need to be available during specific hours so you can communicate with the office. This is not universal for all positions but is still common.

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