How to Experience Both Spiritual Fulfillment and Financial Success in Your Business (Part 2 of 2)

As you may remember, last week we talked about some best practices for your authentic business success as an enlightened entrepreneur journey so you can experience both spiritual fulfillment and financial success in your business. I walked you through my first 3 authentic business success principles of enlightened entrepreneurs. We talked about setting an INSPIRED intention to authentic business success for everyone involved. We talked about making your enlightened energy (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being) as much a top priority as your authentic business success, and then taking full responsibility for creating authentic business success on your own way.

This week I’d like to take you through the two essential pieces of making a positive impact and income doing what you love so you can finally experience both spiritual fulfillment and financial success in your business. I want to give you my 2 authentic business success agreements of enlightened entrepreneurs that you must have if you too want to experience both spiritual fulfillment and financial success in your business.

2 Authentic Business Success Agreements of Enlightened Entrepreneurs

1. Build a Thriving Business with Authenticity, Passion and Purpose NOW

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait any longer. Give yourself permission to build a thriving business with authenticity, passion and purpose NOW. Don’t think that you need another qualification or that you need to learn ____________ (fill in the blank) or that you can’t rest, relax or align your authenticity, passion and purpose with your business until you achieve X, Y and Z.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your enlightened entrepreneurial journey. Whether you are just getting started or you haven’t “officially” started yet, or maybe you are already in business for a couple of years or more, the transformational truth here is to dig deeper to discover WHO you truly are – your AUTHENTIC YOU and get crystal clear on your true PASSION and PURPOSE so you can start sharing your passion and living your purpose, while at the same time AUTHENTICALLY creating a THRIVING business doing what you LOVE!

Why NOW? Because now is your time. Enlightened entrepreneurs… are you listening? Your time is NOW. Today is the day. There’s never been a better time to build a thriving business around your authenticity, passion and purpose. So apply the Law of G.A.D.I. – Go And Do It NOW.

Listen carefully. I know how you are feeling, I’ve been there. Trust me. Maybe you don’t even know what you are striving for right now. That’s perfectly OK. Just know you have it already. Your DREAM is INSIDE you, maybe praying, asking and begging you to come ALIVE. So start enjoying the ride, start sharing your PASSION, living your PURPOSE and creating a THRIVING business doing what you LOVE NOW!

I want you to realize that nothing else needs to happen for you to appreciate your business and life right now. As an enlightened entrepreneur (or aspiring to be one!) you know it, you feel it, even though you can’t explain it, you just know it’s your time to TRULY THRIVE and make the difference you were put here on this planet to make NOW.

And remember if you are in your “soul searching” journey and want to move from “soul searching to soul singing,” meaning “from surviving to thriving” the best, quickest and most authentic way to do that and move towards where you want to go and who you want to become is to look INSIDE. The Enlightened Entrepreneur’s path to authentic business success is a true self-discovery journey where you discover the true authentic self WITHIN you. There is no other place to go, then inside! There is no where to go, then within you!

When you begin to awaken the true power within you and face all your fears, frustrations, and concerns with compassion, forgiveness and love, the door of unlimited opportunities opens, the window of infinite possibilities opens, and the faucet of authentic abundance opens. When you are AUTHENTIC anything is possible! When you believe anything is possible you start experiencing spiritual fulfillment and financial success in your business.

2. Become an INSPIRED Leader, an EMPOWERED Creator and an ENLIGHTENED Entrepreneur to LIGHT the way for OTHERS

As human beings (NOT human doings), we have so many layers to us, so many levels, patterns and unconscious beliefs, so much to grow, expand and evolve. At the same time, you have so much to get stuck in.

As a THRIVING business owner and ENLIGHTENED entrepreneur, you don’t deny it. In fact, you welcome and appreciate it. For me, for instance, every time I get the chance to work on myself, not only on my business growth, but also on my self-growth it gives me one of my precious pleasures.

So, I invite you to make 2013 your year to SHINE and STUDY authentic business success, be a STUDENT of AUTHENTICITY, BUSINESS and SUCCESS so you can become an INSPIRED leader, an EMPOWERED creator and an ENLIGHTENED entrepreneur to LIGHT the way for others.

How? I want you to be ready, willing, and committed to grow, elevate and expand yourself and your business, and at the same time SHINE YOUR LIGHT – your presence online and offline by creating much more VALUE to many more PEOPLE more OFTEN with the end result of making a higher positive IMPACT and INCOME doing what you LOVE – while being authentic and aligned with your passion and purpose.

Why? Because, as an enlightened entrepreneur: coach, author, speaker, trainer, leader, and expert, what I love to call: Enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E., you are here on this planet to share your PASSION, live your PURPOSE and create THRIVING business doing what you LOVE – all while transforming your life and the lives of those you touch on the way.

So do yourself a HUGE favour: Be READY, be WILLING, and be COMMITTED to do the work you were born to do and be the change you wish to be in the world. Be a student of authentic business success and become an INSPIRED leader, EMPOWERED creator and an ENLIGHTENED entrepreneur to light the way for others. When you do that you set yourself up to experience both spiritual fulfillment and financial success in your business.

CAUTION: Never give up. Always progress until you feel free from any and all limitations that keep you stuck and/or hold you back from awakening to your true power, infinite potential and full enlightenment that you hold inside you.

Please don’t resist this transformational truth. Answer your SOUL CALLING so you can count yourself INSIDE the community of being an enlightened entrepreneur who are THRIVING on your own authentic business success TODAY.

Our personal development and growth work here on this planet is always expanding and evolving. You too can learn, teach, lead and inspire others to succeed in business and life on your own terms. You just need to be open to continue learning and improving, expanding and evolving, then the flower of fulfillment, freedom and fun opens and you eventually experience both spiritual fulfillment and financial success in our business.

Enlightened Entrepreneur… Your CALLING is CALLING YOU, are you listening? Make the positive IMPACT and INCOME you deeply desire, deserve and dream of NOW. Go and do It! Make it happen and TRULY THRIVE today!

Your Authentic Business Success in Action

Your authentic business success in action for this week is to give these 2 agreements a try. It may take some practice-especially if you’re not used to expressing your authentic voice out there in a much bigger and authentic way, but once you really learn to dig deeper, follow your heart and listen to your intuition (inner wisdom, inner compass, inner guidance) and just let your thoughts, inspirations and feelings flow, you’ll see that being authentic actually takes less of an effort than pretending to be someone you’re not. So get out there in a much big, bold and authentic way, SHINE YOUR LIGHT and start experiencing both spiritual fulfillment and financial success in your business today!

Olivia Lobell, The Enlightened Entrepreneur Authentic Business Success Mentor, is author of The Enlightened Entrepreneur and founder of, a company devoted to teach enlightened entrepreneurs around the world how to build a thriving business around their blessing, attract more ideal clients and make a lot more profits while being authentic and aligned with their passion and purpose. To get your FREE Audio CD and receive her weekly authentic business success articles, visit:

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